Sunday, November 20, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday - 11/20/11

From my Work in Progress - Volume Three of my Summer's Journey series:

I am not a morning person.  Even on the best of days my staff knows to steer clear of me until well after the caffeine has kicked in.  Monday mornings in particular I truly believe were invented by sadistic demons in one of Dante’s lower circles of hell.

So why on this Monday morning before my second cup of coffee was finished, was I sitting in my office with a smile from ear to ear?

From Friday evening until now my emotions rode quite the roller coaster of unbelievable highs and unexpected lows.

Pleasures beyond compare to start the weekend gave way to introspection and wandering around my empty apartment staring at nothing in particular.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Guest Post and Review over at Rage, Sex, and Teddy Bears!!

Come take a look at my guest post over at the very HOT blog: Rage, Sex, and Teddy Bears.

I am writing today about my journey from in control to losing control.

Check out the review as well following the Guest Post.

"For fans familiar with the first story, expect the heat level to jump to supernova in this book."

Get your towels ready - things are going to get wet!!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday - 11/13/11

From Volume Two: Alphabetical Assignation -

I sensed him kneel between my legs as he gently forced my knees apart, leaving me feeling very vulnerable and exposed. In the past when my ex-husband had somewhat reluctantly given me oral pleasure, I always felt to some degree as if I should be doing something instead of just laying there. For some reason it did not feel that way tonight, I felt totally at ease and relaxed with Mark, albeit incredibly turned on as well.

The first touch of his warm tongue on my wet labia drove any and all thoughts from my mind. He swiped his tongue slowly from bottom to top, darting all around my sensitive clit without actually touching it. He reached up and lifted my knees toward my chest and softly murmured “hold your legs up for me.”

Friday, November 11, 2011

Guest Post from Author Charlie Kenmore


One of the lead stories in last week’s news was about a local deputy who is accused of taking sexual liberties with female prisoners. As news stories go, this one was pretty salacious. Of course, there was no actual recounting of the sex. Given the same factual scenario in a work of fiction, the setting was great for writing some serious “Prison Sex" encounters.

As a fiction writer, I have a luxury that news reporters don’t have. My characters can do anything I want them to, any time, any place, any way. But as any Spiderman fan knows, “With great power comes great responsibility.”  It isn’t enough to place a sex scene in an unusual setting.  There is more to a sex scene than merely making the female and male parts fit together. The scene still has to be believable within the context of the work.

When it comes to writing a sex scene, I have a basic checklist:

A) Set up: is there enough background to support the scene?

Tom dropped the letters into the mailbox slot. He flipped the door several times to make sure that all of the letters fell into the box. Mary, a tall, buxom business woman waiting to deposit her letter tapped her foot impatiently. He turned to her, “Is there a problem?”  Their eyes met, the untamed fire in hers immediately lighting a fire in his groin. He ripped open her blouse as she unfastened his belt.

This scenario doesn’t seem likely even for a hand-held camera, 8mm black and white porno. There needs to be a believable build up, however unlikely the setting. Part, or even a substantial portion, of the build up can occur offstage in indirect action. But the buildup is still necessary. The more improbable the setting, the greater the need for a solid foundation for a sex scene. Even if the scene is just casual sex for the sake of having sex, the characters still need to connect in a believable manner. If the reader remains skeptical that the characters are about to have sex in the scene, then the scene will fail.

B) Foreplay: is there enough?

Bill hit “play”, and set the remote on the arm of the black, leather couch. He put his arm around Suzy, who snuggled closer. She turned her head, and opened her mouth for a kiss. His tongue met hers as he rucked up her skirt. He drove into her powerfully, as relentless as a force of nature.

This is a bit thin on details. The reader is probably going to need a bit more information on their feelings and reactions to tactile stimulation before reaching the “force of nature” bit.

C) Temporal consistency and mechanics: does the sex scene work from technical point of view?

One problem that I’ve found in sex scenes that I’ve edited is that the mechanics of the scene are off. In one memorable scene, the couple is coupling fiercely. Two paragraphs later, she unzips his slacks and takes his cock out. Being old fashioned, I suggested that the paragraphs needed to be reversed. In another scene, the man held her breast in one hand and fingered her dripping pussy with the other. She moaned as he pulled her hair. My question as the editor was, pulled her hair with what? His teeth?

D) Originality: 1) what makes this scene different from the other sex scenes in the book?

Chapter Three: Mary slowly did a scissors split,  impaling herself, as she slid down Tom’s long, thick rod until she was filled.

Chapter Seven: Suzy swung her legs out of the pike position, and flipped one leg over each of the parallel bars. She spread her legs until they were straight out at her sides in a perfect split. Bill reached around her and grabbed her breasts as he slid his long, hard shaft into her until she was filled.

Been there, done that. Yes, Mary was in the bedroom, and Suzy was in the gym. But the novelty of a woman doing the splits wore off after the first time. One of the splits has to go. If the reader really likes the splits scene, then s(he) can reread Chapter Three. Chapter Seven needs to give the reader something new.

2) Word choices?

How many times do the same words or variations on a root word repeat?  Using “throb”or “throbbed” in every sex scene will bore the reader at best, or at worst, produce a throbbing headache. Find some new adjectives.  If in Chapter Three, Mary “slid” until “she was filled”, then in Chapter Seven, Tom’s actions need to be something other than “slid” until “she was filled”.  I would need to find a new verb for “slid”, and a new adjective for “filled”.

In Earth Angel, there was a brief stand alone sex scene that my editor wanted to cut because she didn’t think it added anything. I disagreed because I wanted to change the pace at that point, and work on character development rather than plot development. The scene stayed after we discussed its purpose. But to make sure the scene added something, I still had to make sure that it fit within the internal logic of the overall story, and didn’t merely rehash stock footage from a prior sex scene.  

Thanks for letting me ramble.


Blurb: There are seven parallel worlds known as the Seven Realms which are separated by a Veil. Six are inhabited by all manner of entities, some natural, some not. That may not be the case for much longer. The first portion of the High Sidhe Prophecy of the Sevens has been fulfilled. The Anarch, who is one with the Veil, has escaped. If she chooses, she can part or drop the Veil or she can lift the Veil in its entirety. The Seven Realms will converge. The laws of physics and magic will collide head on. Unless she is stopped, there will be nothing left.

Queen Amura has called for an assembly of the signatories to the High Sidhe's Second Accords, a multi-realm peace treaty to consider how to deal with the threat of the Anarch. An Earthside TechnoWitch and other dark forces also are  seeking to control the Anarch. Prince Dzhok (Jack), High Sidhe Ambassador Salash (Jack's oldest friend and lover), and Valkyrie Brunhilde set out to find and befriend the Anarch before all is lost.

(you have to register-free)

Jack took a moment, and then he saw the light. Unfortunately, it appeared to be attached to an oncoming train. Jack was no pacifist. Like Salash, he would kill to protect his children (and had). But as a pansexual high blood Prince of the Human Whisperers and Allied Kinds, "make love, not war" was not a mere platitude, but rather was the very core of his being. Jack knew that he would have little influence on the upcoming gathering in Paradox. This was not a symposium. It was a war council. The outcome was fairly certain. His Mother and her allies would seek to kill the Chosen. And they would fail miserably.

"We have to find her first."

"Exactly, Jack."

You've got mail.

Salash reached over and pulled the MAPP out of Jack's pocket. She rolled down her window, and with a flick of her wrist, sent it pin wheeling into a fresh steaming pile of bison dung. Salash paused and scanned the tree line. She was fairly certain at least one of the shadows had flinched. 

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday - 10/30/11

From Summer's Journey: Volume Two - Alphabetical Assignation
Now available here:

Feeling a little uncomfortable with an unpleasant sensation of stretching, my safe word was halfway to my lips when Mark suddenly reached between us and started rubbing my clit with the thumb of his right hand.  Using the accumulated moisture, he rubbed firmly as he pushed his shaft a little deeper before pulling almost all the way out again.  He dipped his thumb down a little further and carefully spread juices from my wet pussy along his shaft before pushing in again.  His thumb alternated between dipping inside me and sliding along my labia before circling my sensitive button.

“You truly do not fight fair my friend,” I gasped as he penetrated a little deeper.  The stretching feeling began to fade as his thumb stirred sensations that mixed and mingled with the fullness in my anal passage.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday - 10/23/11

From Summer's Journey: Volume Two - Alphabetical Assignation
Now available here:

Propped up against the headboard, sipping champagne, nibbling on dark chocolate and talking about our jobs, I felt completely at ease with our casual nudity.  That in itself was definitely a bit unusual for me.  My ex either fell asleep immediately or jumped straight in the shower after our lovemaking, almost as if he were ashamed of his body, or mine.

My gaze fell upon Mark’s now flaccid penis, lying limp against his thigh.  Hard to believe just how much larger it got when aroused, although my still tingling ass would remember it for quite some time.  Mark noticed my gaze and smiled, his own eyes passing over my body often and appreciatively.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday - 10/09/11

Look for
Summer's Journey: 
Volume Two - Alphabetical Assignation
within then next week or so!!

Gazing down at me with pleasure clearly visible in his eyes now, Mark lightly pinched my clit between his thumb and fingers while burying his remaining length deep inside my ass.  The ember of pleasure that had been burning slowly sparked suddenly into white hot passion.  Inexplicably, it somehow felt as if he were thrusting into both of my passages simultaneously.  He pulled out slowly and thrust all the way back in quickly.  He then pulled out fast and pushed back in at such an agonizingly slow pace I actually found myself pushing my hips up at him, wanting to feel him buried deep inside me once again.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday - 10/02/11

From my work in progress: Volume Two of my Summer's Journey series

As I slowly began to return to this earthly plane once again, he climbed from between my legs and slowly lowered himself on top of me.  Despite being very sensitive from my recent climax, the feel of the head of his hard cock against my sodden opening was exquisite.  I felt his hand at my temple and the blindfold was suddenly gone as he simultaneously thrust himself deep inside me.  I gasped with surprise and pleasure at the sudden invasion and looked up into eyes blazing with desire.  Soft flickering candlelight glinted off of soft lips that still shined with my plentiful juices.  A radiant smile split his features as I gave a low moan and said “you sir, sure know how to make an entrance.”

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Amazon introduces FOUR New Kindle products

Add caption

Amazon today released news about FOUR (4) new Kindle products, bringing their total of Kindle related products available at the moment up to an unbelievable TWELVE different products - if you count advertisement supported versus no ads as two different products, even given the same form factor.

I was getting lost trying to visualize all the options - so I threw together a quick and dirty spreadsheet. It is not comprehensive by any means - do your research on your favorite Kindle product online and see Amazon for more details - but I thought it might help give a quick price versus feature overview.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday - 09/25/11

Here is my contribution for this week - please leave a comment and let me know what you think:

Keeping me totally guessing, Mark now slid one long finger deep inside my wet pussy as his tongue once again gently explored my labia and teased my clit.  He lightly flicked his tongue across my swollen button as another finger joined the first and alternated between slow deep thrusting and searching for the quite elusive g-spot on my upper vaginal wall.  I moaned loudly and lustily now, not caring who might hear.  At that moment the USC marching band could have been performing a routine straight across the bed, and I would have only responded by thrusting my hips a little harder at Mark’s willing tongue.  Somehow another finger found its way to my ass and lightly teased just the opening of my tight passage, its journey made quite easy by the copious fluids now flowing.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Volume Two is drawing near!!

After many unexpected delays to deal with "real" life - Volume Two of my Summer's Journey series is finally drawing closer.

I hope to have it done and off to my beta readers by this weekend, edited and published sometime next week.

For everyone that has expressed an interest - you'll finally find out what happens after Summer's dress hit that hotel room floor.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday - 09/11/11

10th Anniversary of 9/11:  We Shall NEVER Forget!!

My contribution for this week:

Mark reached around me and slid his hands slowly from my hips up to my breasts.  He cupped them softly as he pulled me back into contact with his insistent hardness.  Lightly kissing the side of my neck and shoulder, he slowly and gently rolled my sensitive nipples between his strong fingers.  Spinning me around, he kissed me softly on the lips and slowly pushed his hard cock up against my moistening center.  I gasped softly as his length grazed across my throbbing clit.

“I want to take this blindfold off so I can see you” I said.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Guest Spot over on Author Nichelle Gregory's Blog

Check out the guest spot that author Nichelle Gregory was nice enough to post for me as part of her Hot Summer Excerpts promotion:

Simply Sexy Stories: Summer's Journey Volume One - Excerpt

A new excerpt from Summer's Journey: Volume One - Losing Control

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday - 09/04/11

This weeks contribution:

He pressed up against me once again and I could feel his hardness pressing against my mostly naked ass.  I could feel his hot breath close to my ear as he spoke very softly.

“We have spoken at length about control and trust, so I thought it might be important to let you know what you might be expecting this evening.  Our journey to this point has been a literary dance of flirtation and allusion.  Now things are about to get very real.”

Mark alternated between slowly grinding his hard cock against me as he spoke and pulling back, causing me to unconsciously push my hips back seeking that physical connection once again.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Another great review for Summer's Journey!!

Got another wonderful review for Summer's Journey: Volume One - Losing Control

Please check it out over at Dark Haven Book Reviews:



Sunday, August 28, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday - 08/28/11

Here is my Six Sentence Sunday contribution for this week - this is from my Work In Progress - Volume Two of my Summer's Journey series.

Mark would be the first man other than my ex-husband and my gynecologist to see me naked in close to two decades.  I was equal parts aroused and terrified at the thought.

Arriving at the hotel a few minutes before 8:00pm, I quickly checked my makeup in the rearview mirror before getting out of the car.  I barely recognized the eyes looking back at me.  Slightly dilated and wild, they seemed to be projecting my inner anxiety and arousal.
Walking straight through the elegant lobby towards the bank of elevators, I smiled as I turned a few heads, including the stuffy looking clerk behind the front desk.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Guest Blog from Last Weekend at Sinful Writings

Reposting my guest blog from Sinful Writings last weekend.  Check their website out - some great links, photos, and of course author interviews & blogs!!

Here is my guest blog entry - this was my first guest blog ever - so be nice!!

Laughter Makes The Panties Wetter

This is my first time, so be gentle.

Mindi and Sable said it would only hurt a little bit the first time, but they would hold my hand and get me through it.  I’m thinking that I’m not really used to an “audience” but it sounds like it could be a lot of fun, depending on what they are wearing, or not.

This is not only my first guest blog for Sinful Writings, it is my first blog ever.  They say you never forget your first time, although I’m sure a lot of us probably wish we could.

So for my first blog attempt I thought I’d tackle a subject that should be near and dear to the hearts of men everywhere:  What is it that women really want?

Well gentlemen, I’m glad you asked.

We want someone that makes us laugh.  Laughter truly is the best medicine.  Or as I like to say, laughter makes the panties wetter.

The old saying goes something like “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”.

I’m here to suggest a new saying.  “The way under a woman’s skirt is to keep her laughing”.

The ability to make us laugh is something that cannot be underestimated or overstated.  It demonstrates intelligence, warmth and empathy.  Life is hard enough for many of us, with jobs, family, finances, health issues, gas prices, war, disease, poverty and more.  Make us laugh and our daily burdens seem much lighter because it feels like you are helping to carry them.

The six-pack abs on all these erotica and romance covers are certainly a nice thing to see (and feel!) up close and personal, but muscles are overrated in my opinion.  Rarely do these men have anything worthwhile going on between their ears.

Sex can be unbelievably passionate, with hearts racing, tongues dueling and moans echoing off the walls.  It can also be unbelievably funny.  When is the last time your head was driven repeatedly into the headboard by some overzealous thrusting?  I laughed so hard that I almost peed myself, with him still inside me.  He did indicate that the laughing had some really interesting “internal rippling” effects however.

Real men are not necessarily cover models.  They have hair growing out of truly unexplainable places.  They think the whole idea of foreplay is accomplished by grabbing your breasts and making honking sounds like a wild goose.  They leave the toilet seat up and never, ever replace the empty roll.

They can also be unbelievably sweet, tender, passionate, giving and more.  You take the good with the bad and there you have the facts … oops – scratch that – 80’s flashback.

Maybe I’m alone in my opinion.  And I’m okay with that, it wouldn’t be the first time.

So guys, if you want to turn ME on, you’d better polish up that wit and start firing those synapses.  Before I’m going to let you anywhere near my lovely nipples or lush grotto, you are going to have to stimulate the largest sex organ of them all – my brain.

After all, words are power.  Words have the ability to arouse, tempt, titillate, inflame or anger.

They can stir passion, spark imagination and start juices (creative and otherwise) flowing.

Make me laugh and you will probably make my panties wet.

That is, if I were wearing any.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday!!

This week's contribution:

As I pulled on the sheer green panties I noticed a few gray strands intruding on my shoulder length reddish-brown hair.  They were easily dispatched by a few well placed tweezers.

The black silk dress I slipped into somehow left me feeling more naked then before putting it on.  It clung to my curves and left little to the imagination.

I sat behind the wheel for a moment before starting the car.  All dressed up or not, part of me wanted to flee back into the house and the comfort of my normal routine.

My First Guest Blog!!

My first guest blog appearance today over at Sinful Writings.  My first guest blog ever - so please go take a look and leave a comment.

Best comment about your funniest sexy moment will win a free copy of Summer's Journey - Volume One - Losing Control.

My blog entry is entitled: Laughter Makes The Panties Wetter

I also did an author interview there as well - so come find out a little more about me!!

This is linked as a PDF file on their site.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Another Wonderful Review!!

Summer is dessert over at

What an incredible review!!

I think I might have to quit now while I'm ahead.  Volume Two has a lot to live up to.  Yikes!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


So it has become abundantly clear that as a new indie author that I'm not going to make enough to retire and be a full time writer anytime soon.

However - something like this makes all the struggle with finding time to write worthwhile.

Please read this review - I'm STILL grinning!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday - Take Two!!

Here is my second contribution to Six Sentence Sunday.  From my current WIP - Volume Two of my True Romance / Erotica series: Summer's Journey.

As I drove home I thought about what I was going to wear tonight, only for about the hundredth time this week.  I had a favorite little black dress that fit my curves so well it was probably illegal in several Bible belt states.  Maybe the emerald green lace bra and matching sheer panties to bring out the green in my eyes.
I took a long hot shower and as I soaped up I could not help but think about Mark’s hands and eyes travelling down my body later that evening.  My nipples took immediate notice of that thought as they stood at attention despite the hot water cascading over me.
As I slipped on my bra and panties I stood for a moment and examined myself critically in the full length mirror.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday!!

Six Sentence Sunday:  Romance / Erotica bloggers posting Six Sentences to entice, inflame, and arouse!!

Here is my first contribution - from my just released story:

"I never heard him move, but I could feel him behind me now.  As he nuzzled the side of my neck, he pressed himself lightly against me.  Whatever reservations I once had at giving up control to this stranger disappeared as my nipples did their best to rip through the lace bra and silk dress.  How on earth could he know that my neck was one of my weak spots?
“I must confess that you are wearing much more at the moment than I am” he said.  “Allow me to even the playing field, so to speak.” 

Thursday, August 4, 2011

I think I might cry!!

The first volume (chapter?) of my self-published series of True Romance / Erotica stories has been "live" for around 72 hours now.

I've gotten a handful of sales and FIVE wonderful 5-Star reviews.

Wow.  I'm honestly stunned - and humbled.

Thank you all so much - and I can't wait to share with you what happens next.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I'm Published!!

So exciting!!  After a weekend full of last minute beta readers, edits, formatting issues and too much caffeine - I hit "publish" and sent Summer's Journey out into the world!!

Please check out the first part of my planned multi-part True Romance / Erotica series and let me know what you think!!

Summer's Journey: Volume One - Losing Control

Also available on Smashwords!!  (in a wide variety of formats if you don't have a Kindle or don't want to load the free Kindle software)

Summer's Journey - Smashwords Link

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Getting closer!!

Working on final edits / cover art / and my product description blurb.

Here is the cover image I'm currently working with.


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Man plans. God laughs.

Well - woman plans - in this case.  Same result.

What is the other saying that fits so well ... oh yes - the road to hell is paved with good intentions.  Sigh.

So - I was aiming for getting my first true erotica story up and published on my birthday.  Did not happen - as you can probably tell.  I passed it along to a trusted friend for reading and editing.  I hesitate to admit she made some really good suggestions and now I have some work to do incorporating them.

Hope to have edits made / cover art chosen / etc. by this weekend.  Time will tell.

Adding to the fun of returning to work yesterday - my Facebook account was disabled - and access to all my new friends and messages gone with it.  I've emailed their support team - but their response seems to be measured in days instead of hours.  Double sigh.

Thank you to all of you that passed along birthday wishes and encouragement for my writing.  I hope to reconnect with all of you soon!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Help Me Celebrate My Sexual Independence Day!!

Hello everyone!!  Come on in and make yourself at home - take a look around - but stop staring at my ass!!  My eyes are up here guys!!  (and gals - hey - you never know!!)  Okay - not really MY ass - but I liked it as a background image.

My birthday is coming up in a few days and I hesitate to admit just how old I'm going to be.

Regardless I decided to celebrate my "sexual independence" by creating this blog and announcing that I'm going to be publishing my true erotic stories of my journey of self discovery I have been on for the past year or so - since my husband decided I wasn't "sexy" enough for him anymore.  How tempted should I be to send him a link to this blog?

Publish date for my first story will be on Monday - July 4th - to coincide with Independence Day - and my birthday.  Wish me a happy birthday by coming by and checking out my first story.

Hope to see you all soon,