Sunday, October 23, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday - 10/23/11

From Summer's Journey: Volume Two - Alphabetical Assignation
Now available here:

Propped up against the headboard, sipping champagne, nibbling on dark chocolate and talking about our jobs, I felt completely at ease with our casual nudity.  That in itself was definitely a bit unusual for me.  My ex either fell asleep immediately or jumped straight in the shower after our lovemaking, almost as if he were ashamed of his body, or mine.

My gaze fell upon Mark’s now flaccid penis, lying limp against his thigh.  Hard to believe just how much larger it got when aroused, although my still tingling ass would remember it for quite some time.  Mark noticed my gaze and smiled, his own eyes passing over my body often and appreciatively.


  1. Nice! Even though there's no SSS today, I love how so many of us have just gotten in the habit of blogging on Sunday mornings. I opted to go for an all-out excerpt, though, since we weren't restrict to six sentences. But yours is lovely!


  2. Very expressive and eroitc. I'm so glad that I got this book. I recommend this read, and what a wonderful six!