Sunday, November 13, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday - 11/13/11

From Volume Two: Alphabetical Assignation -

I sensed him kneel between my legs as he gently forced my knees apart, leaving me feeling very vulnerable and exposed. In the past when my ex-husband had somewhat reluctantly given me oral pleasure, I always felt to some degree as if I should be doing something instead of just laying there. For some reason it did not feel that way tonight, I felt totally at ease and relaxed with Mark, albeit incredibly turned on as well.

The first touch of his warm tongue on my wet labia drove any and all thoughts from my mind. He swiped his tongue slowly from bottom to top, darting all around my sensitive clit without actually touching it. He reached up and lifted my knees toward my chest and softly murmured “hold your legs up for me.”


  1. Mmmm, nice. It's great when you can totally relax and stop worrying.

  2. Sexy and sensual. Fabulous six.