Sunday, November 20, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday - 11/20/11

From my Work in Progress - Volume Three of my Summer's Journey series:

I am not a morning person.  Even on the best of days my staff knows to steer clear of me until well after the caffeine has kicked in.  Monday mornings in particular I truly believe were invented by sadistic demons in one of Dante’s lower circles of hell.

So why on this Monday morning before my second cup of coffee was finished, was I sitting in my office with a smile from ear to ear?

From Friday evening until now my emotions rode quite the roller coaster of unbelievable highs and unexpected lows.

Pleasures beyond compare to start the weekend gave way to introspection and wandering around my empty apartment staring at nothing in particular.


  1. Always nice to start a Monday morning with a smile. I wish you many Monday morning smiles.

    Lawrence Fisher
    Author of "Kill me now!"

  2. Me too. I hate mornings also.
    I found you on Book blogs. would love a follow back