Sunday, March 4, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday - 03/04/12

My contribution from my Work In Progress ... 
Summer's Journey: Volume Four

I retrieved the blindfold from the nightstand and slipped it over his head.  Pulling off the covers as I stood, it was evident he enjoyed the direction the morning was taking.  I thought I had awoken fairly early and I was certainly not that well versed in Egyptian astronomy, but Mark’s built in sundial seemed to be indicating it was approaching high noon.

Reaching down I stroked one long nail carefully along his swollen member, causing a subtle shift in Mark’s hips.

“I want you to lay there and picture what I am going to do to you for a little while, or at least until I go get a digital camera to capture this Kodak moment,” I said as I grabbed my dress from the nearby chair.

Slipping the dress over my head, I decided to leave my heels behind instead of risking another possible broken ankle.

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  1. Lovely scene! This morning, I awoke to find my partner's penis standing at full mast. I touched it and he immediately came! I guess he was dreaming at that moment and that was all it took.