Monday, March 26, 2012

Shades Of Tiger?

What do the current erotic books taking the media by storm (Shades of Grey) - and Tiger Woods - have in common?


I'm glad you asked.  We'll come back to that.   Cheesy

I just finished the Shades of Grey erotic trilogy that seems to be the flavor of the moment and is garnering a lot of attention in the mainstream media these days.

As an author of erotica myself - I probably have a slightly different perspective than the average reader.

With this series I am left feeling like it was good, but could have been great. There is a LOT of sex, so much so that it honestly becomes a little unbelievable in the frequency, their respective desire levels, his ability to have multiple orgasms in a short period of time, her constant arousal at his mere presence, etc., etc.

I found myself skipping over some of the repetitive sex to get at the story beyond - which was well done enough to keep my interest.

I have read a lot about people that feel strongly both ways about these books, that the main male character is much too controlling, no self-respecting woman would put up with that behavior - versus the reports that a lot of women are calling it "mommy porn" and saying it is spicing up their bedroom and rekindling their marriages.

Speaking from my own point of view - and in terms of Volume One of my own series being called Losing Control ... I understand the desire to "just let go" to some degree, but I think there is a fine line between dominant and simply domineering.

I think to some extent the readers that enjoyed this series will enjoy mine as well - and I actually think they stand a much better chance of connecting with my series - since it is autobiographical in nature - and my particular beau is not a billionaire.  Not too many of those to go around these days.   Smiley

For those who did not enjoy the Shades of Grey series - I think there is a good chance they would enjoy my series as well - as it is a totally different "feeling" in terms of how the idea of domination (or submission) is presented.

Anyway ... as an author of a similar (in nature - if not tone) series - I found it an interesting comparison.

Come join ME on my journey and find out why Volume One of my Summer's Journey series is the Number Nine ranked erotica ebook on Amazon. 

(Authors edit:  Volume One is now ranked Number FIVE in Amazon erotica books, sorted by Average Customer Review.)

And yes - that is ranked in front of Shades of Grey.  For now. ;-)

Come see what *93* Amazon reviews to date for the series are calling "intelligent, witty, and HOT!!"

Needless to say - FOR ADULTS ONLY!!  

Back to what I call The Tiger Woods Effect.

When Tiger Woods was at the height of his popularity - he drove millions of new fans to embrace the sport of golf.  Other professional golfers (especially Phil Mickelson) are very vocal in their belief that Tiger has had a lasting positive impact on the PGA Tour in terms of increased tournament purses, television deals that bring millions, new fans, bigger crowds, more endorsement deals, etc., etc.

I believe that a literary comparison can be made in terms of the positive effect that the Shades of Grey phenomenon can have for the genre of erotica.  Erotica is the proverbial black sheep of literature.  There are plenty of people who read and enjoy it, but not many are willing to talk about it, pass on recommendations, etc.  It seems to be one of those "behind closed doors" type of activities.  The advent of ereader technology (such as my beloved Kindle) has made it much easier for people to indulge in reading the more spicier works such as mine without advertising those potentially lurid covers to everyone around them.   Cheesy

Anyway - regardless of your feeling as an author about the Shades of Grey trilogy, how well they are written or not, etc., etc. ... as an author in the same genre that could stand to benefit from the mainstream media's current fascination - I tip my hat to Ms. James and say - Thank You.

She has captured that elusive lightning in a bottle and I wish her all the success in the world.



  1. Summer,

    What seperates your book series from everyone else is that you add "pure sensuality". I was very intrigued by the way you created the scenes and the use of words.

    I have read some work by others and there had been some that dissapointed me. I'm into reading some BDSM that has a feeling sensuality and something erotic at the height of the story, but I guess it's how it's written that matter.

    Great article and I love your books!

  2. I am going to add your book to my Wishlist. I loved Fifty Shades of Grey and just enjoyed the rest of the trilogy because I was already invested.

    Kindle's/ereaders are perfect for reading erotica, lol

    Going amazon now.

  3. I'm not even tempted to read it. A woman at work (very unlikely candidate) told me it was over the top. I'll pass on this one.

  4. I read the first volume of 50 Shades and really did not enjoy it at all. Why? I thought the characters were weak and not well drawn, the writing (and yes I know the author is a PhD) was very 'thin' - I especially didn't like Ana - to me she read like the stereotypical Harlequin heroine of the 1980's. I've read the first three of Summer's journey and loved them. Why? Well written, main character every woman can connect with, funny, and each word/sentence/page = evocative writing.

  5. Elaine,

    Thank you for the lovely compliments - they mean a lot to me. ;-)


  6. Hear, hear, Summer. This was well put.

    While I was suitably UNimpressed with the first third of Ms. James's trilogy, my hat is also off to her for having thrown open a door that's been hanging on rusty hinges since...Sappho? Well, no, not really. Since Sappho, there has been a whole slew of very competent writers of erotica. Perhaps the reading world will now begin to read and appreciate them.